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What's A Pomsky?

The ideology of the Pomsky is to produce a small Pomeranian sized dog, with the colouration of the beautiful Siberian Husky. This is achievable with much dedication and careful selection of breeding adults for health and beauty alike. Below are the traits and attributes we breed and strive for in our Pomskies.

Our Health Guarantee

We strictly breed our Pomskies for quality and not quantity. We are extremely proud to offer an extensive 3 Year Health and Genetic Guarantee for all of our puppies. We are proud to raise the bar in the field of dog breeding in order to protect our puppies and their owners.

Adoption Qualifications

We are proud to provide our loving puppies the forever homes that they deserve. For the safety of our dogs we do require a screening process as part of each adoption. Help us recognize you as a great adopter by reading through, and sending to us our Adoption Qualifications as outlined in the Adoptions Qualification Page.

Why the Pomsky?

“Designer dogs” can really stir up a controversy among certain people and the Pomsky is the new pup on the block. A lot of people have never even heard of a Pomsky and some who have don’t believe they’re real. Among Pomsky owners and breeders I’m sure we’ve heard it all, from our dogs being called overpriced mutts to people trying to shame us for even trying to create or support a new breed.

Humans began domesticating dogs about 14,000 years ago. Breeds emerged as dogs were selected for various traits like the ability to guard and hunt. Like the many breeds that have emerged since, Pomskies do serve a purpose and fill a niche otherwise unoccupied. Pomskies are meant to be companion dogs and although yes, many companion breeds do indeed exist, Pomskies are unique in the particular traits they possess.
You get a lot of dog in a compact package…imagine the perfect running buddy who loves everyone they meet including children and other animals. A dog that is intelligent, energetic, outgoing and social yet is still loyal to their families and loves a good cuddle. Pomskies are the ideal family and companion dog and their size makes them suitable for smaller living conditions, like apartments. They show great potential to be amazing agility dogs, as well as therapy dogs in various situations. Teacup pomskies for sale
teacup pomsky for sale

So many times people have gushed about having huskies in the past or always wanting one, but they didn’t have the room for a large dog. Siberian Huskies are amazing dogs, but Pomskies only improve on them for the purposes of people seeking this kind of dog. Huskies are awesome with children, but sometimes their size coupled with their exuberant nature can be too much for kids. Huskies are also famous for being the friendliest socialite out there…they will literally walk off with a stranger as happy as can be, in other words they’re not the most loyal. When you add in the tiny, affectionate, yet often clingy to a fault, Pomeranian, you really get a perfect balance in a Pomsky. Perfect size, family friendly, loyal without being clingy, as smart as can be and of course adorable!

Although, yes, we are highlighting the good qualities a Pomsky can inherit and posses we realize they can inherit the undesirable qualities as well, like the husky’s love of digging and chewing. This has been a common criticism of the Pomsky, people have pointed out all the potential behavior problems that could arise and made statements inferring that a bad dog was all that could possibly result from a Husky/Pomeranian mix. This is simply not true. Every breed that exists has the potential to be a poorly behaved dog and that has much more to do with how they are socialized and trained, or lack thereof. Pomskies are highly intelligent and if they were to be neglected and unsocialized the potential bad qualities would likely emerge. It has been our experience that Pomskies make wonderful dogs that are smart, affectionate, and outgoing. The owners we have placed our dogs with, however, are responsible and take good care of their pets.

This is all stating things on a very basic level and much more goes into developing a new breed. Not all hybrids are a good idea, and unfortunately the designer dog phenomenon has unleashed a surge of amateur breeders who lack credentials and genetics expertise. For a breed to be successful there needs to be an educated match. Crossing a pug with a Pekingese, for example, could produce disastrous consequences due to their already extreme facial features and inherent health issues. Some criticize that breeding two dog breeds of extreme size difference could result in health risks to the puppies. However, after several interviews with veterinarians and the use of basic common sense this is really a non-issue. Unless of course someone were to try and breed a female Pomeranian to a male Husky, in which case it would be extremely dangerous and no common sense would have been used at all. Teacup pomskies for sale

teacup pomskies for sale
As far as the question of the health of the Pomsky, it is a new hybrid and we can’t guarantee that no common health issues will eventually arise. Although somewhat controversial, one might point out the effect of heterosis, which is the improved or increased function of any biological quality in a hybrid offspring. In other words hybrid vigor and Pomskies for the time being would enjoy this hybrid health benefit.

Although we realize this short article may not make a difference in the eyes of the close-minded and stubborn people we encounter, it is our hope that it provides an answer to those who wonder why we do this. We have a great love of animals in general and our fascination with canine breed origins and development runs deep. We look forward to the future of having the best quality Pomskies always. Teacup pomskies for sale

The word Pomsky comes from combining “Pomeranian” and “Husky”. Cleverly creating the name of “Pomsky”. This is the most popular name given to a cross between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky.
The most well-known hybridization of the Pomsky is exactly that; the cross between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky. It is important to mention that a Pomsky can also be a hybrid of a SiberianHusky and any smaller Spitz breed. Teacup pomskies for sale